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2020 Vancouver International Dance Festival: Modus Operandi
Mar 8-15, 2020
Sunday, March 8th & March 15th 2020
Woodward's Atrium
Vancouver, BC V6B 0G2
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Made and sustained by Alanna Kraaijeveld  in collaboration with Modus Operandi artists and Kate Franklin, Line, Starting line, Practical questions, Disappear, Solos and small groups, Swirling, Space, All together is a scored improvised performance.  It is comprised of an inventory of relational, movement, visual and textural possibilities.  As a work, it practically manifests shifting perspectives, disappearance or invisibility, rhythm as a motor for dynamic possibility, as well a spectrum of intentional engagement.

Sunday, March 8th & March 15th 2020

Woodward's Atrium, Vancouver BC